Product Description




Male and Female all kinds of shoes are suitable and shoe cover will never be stuck.

When putting the foot inside the shoe cover dispenser to wear shoe covers, inside grapple can fold together automatically. It makes the shoe cover slide off and covers the feet. It will not have the situations that cannot step up or stuck the shoe covers.

  • Model – CNME-SC-D100
  • Machine size – L63*W31*H75CM
  • Net Weight – 18KGS
  • Released Speed – 3sec/piece
  • Outer Power Supply – AC220V/110V, 40/60HZ, 75W
  • Inner working voltage – DC12V, 6A
  • Max. capacity of PE Shoe cover – 200pcs/box
  • Coin selector function – Can select and provide by clients requirement, support several kinds of coins.
  • Outward appearance – White color


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